Monday, February 22, 2016

Literature in the New Media

Over the weekend, I managed to stop by the local Barnes and Noble in Sioux Falls. While there, I noticed many covers for their e-reader, the Nook. I began to wonder if e-readers were really the future, or if they had fizzled out, like most technology like that does.

I did own a Nook for a while, but never really used it. I much preferred the feel of the real book, along with reading on my iPad's iBook feature. It felt silly to purchase new books on the Nook when I had already had a good majority of them in the physical, along with easily getting them onto the iPad when I got one.

My question came down to the idea of if the Nooks were just made to make money off of individuals. There were no real discounts to buying the books from the e-reader, except for free downloads of books that were in the public domain, which could be easily downloaded on the computer. The Nook itself costs over a hundred dollars, then the accessories, such as the cases, cost even more.

I view the e-readers as a con to make more money off of books, but that could just be my cynical outlook on capitalism.

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